All One Trick Pony shows run from 8:00 to 11:00 pm.

Reservations are accepted. Call (616) 235-PONY. Visit the website link of any performer (where available) to for more information.

Photos at right are some of the artists who have performed at The Pony on our event nights.

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  • Natchez Trace
    Natchez Trace
  • Nicholas James
    Nicholas James
  • Thirsty Perch Blues Band
    Thirsty Perch Blues Band
  • Lazy Blue Tunas
  • The Honeytones
  • Chandler Stokes
  • The Hill People
  • Distant Brothers
  • The Blue Pines
    The Blue Pines
  • Free Food Band
    Free Food Band
  • BWB
    Boogie Woogie Babies
  • Edge of Midnight
    Edge of Midnight
  • Kasondra Rose
    Kasondra Rose
  • Potato Moon
  • Kathy Lamar
  • Brant Satala
    Brant Satala
  • Steve Hilger Band
    Steve Hilger Band
  • Drew Nelson
    Drew Nelson
  • Bridge Street Band
    Bridge Street Band
  • Mary Rademacher and Trio
  • An Dro
  • Lighting Matches
  • Weezil Malone Blues Band
    Weezil Malone Blues Band
  • That Beatles Thing
  • The Willeys
  • Serita's Black Rose
    Serita's Black Rose
  • Kevin Jones
  • Mary Rademacher
    Mary Rademacher
  • Rawhide Johnson Band
  • Electric Tunas
    Electric Tunas
  • Deep Greens and Blues
    Deep Greens and Blues
  • Troll for Trout
  • Robin Connell
    Robin Connell
  • Mark Stuart
    Mark Stuart
  • Tom DeVries
  • Genna & Jesse
    Genna & Jesse
  • Abigail Stauffer
    Abigail Stauffer
  • Ed Dupas
  • Steve Hilger
    Steve Hilger
  • The Weatherheads
    The Weatherheads
  • Elle Carpenter
  • Hannah Schroeder Band
    Hannah Schroeder
  • Josh Rose
    Josh Rose
  • Channing and Quinn
    Channing & Quinn
  • Juke Joint Hand-Me-Downs
    Juke Joint Hand-Me-Downs
  • Fauxgrass
    Faux Grass
  • Randy Marsh and Don Julin
    Randy Marsh & Don Julin
  • ChrisWiser-MelanieMarod

Thursday, March 28
No Music Tonight

To Be Determined

Saturday, March 30
The Hill People

The Hill People

Thursday, April 4
Weezil Malone Blues Band

Saturday, April 6
Natchez Trace

Thursday, April 11
Olivia Mainville

Saturday, April 13
Rawhide Johnson Band

Thursday, April 18
Robin Connell

Saturday, April 20
Thirsty Perch Blues Band

Thursday, April 25
Kathy Lamar

Saturday, April 27
That Beatles Thing